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Unified Remix VOD for Ads

This demonstrates how a back end can make calls to an ad network, receive a VAST response and produce a SMIL playlist for Unified Remix. The advertisements returned are provided as high resolution mezzanine files, which can be transcoded just-in-time by Unified Transcode to fit the ABR profile of the main content.

The benefits of this solution

  • Monetize VOD streams by inserting/replacing advertisements
  • Integrates with online ad serving platforms
  • Multiple sources, maximum compatibility: outputs a single, continuous stream in all formats (including DRM)
  • Most flexible solution: allows for complete personalization
  • Near impossible for ad blockers to circumvent
  • Supports VAST to track ad impressions and other metrics

Configure your use case

Main content
Advertising categories
Ad #1 Ad #2 Ad #3
Embedded ad metric events
Playout format
Input (SMIL Playlist)

Output ()
Ad metric event timeline:

Ad metric event log:
Aggregated ad metric events Count